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It's The Summer Time

A feel good song about relaxing in the summer sunshine with a drink and the girl you love.

There to Here

The first song Reg wrote after meeting Cheryl. Charts his journey from the beginning to the then present.

The Boys Sung Tipperary

A World War One soldier reflects on his service on the Western Front. Inspired by, and a tribute to, the great Harry Patch, the Last Tommy.


Life rarely gives you what you wish for. However, just occasionally it does.


Two guitars mirror each other in this soft instrumental.


The Great War affected almost every household in Britain.

This is the view of a dead soldier, considering the futility of it all and doubting any lessons would be learned.

Charabanc 1923

A works outing to Brighton starts a lifelong partnership between Edward and Emily, with the full blessing of Emily’s mother!

Nellie & Arthur

A tragic love story from 1916 based on the true tale of Nellie and Arthur.

I actually knew Nellie and her daughter many years ago.

It was only after Nellie had died that I discovered her first marriage to Arthur whilst researching the family history.

I spoke to her daughter and she never knew about it .

She said, "As a child I remember a picture of a rather dashing WW1 soldier hanging up the stairs. I never knew who it was and mum never said." Was it Arthur? Who else?

I just had to tell the story.

Trooper's Horse

A traditional song with a bawdy slant.

Sacrifice (Original)

This is the first incarnation of this song, written and recorded in one take on 28 October 1973.

I used an acoustic guitar with a hole pick up, a drum unit and a WEM Copicat. Recorded on a cassette tape it is not the highest quality recording but still important in charting the song's evolution.

It was later rewritten to acknowledge the sacrifice made in the Great War