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Reg Miles & Grahame Crouch - FORFEIT - 1973

Reg Miles - 2018

Reg was born in 1954 in Maidstone, Kent England.


In 1970, he made his debut at the Rose Folk Club in Maidstone where he became a regular performer.


In 1972 Reg met again his school friend Grahame Crouch, who shared his passion for music.


They formed a duo called Forfeit.


Reg and Grahame wrote and performed successfully together for a couple of years.


Indeed, Reg is happy to announce that Grahame, gave permission to record one of his songs, Move Away, which is to be included on the forthcoming Legacy album.


Their friendship spans over 50 years, and they’re still in contact.


Reg has also remained friends with another of his school friends, Peter Hall, another brilliant songwriter, with whom he worked with in the 70's.

Peter has also give his permission for Reg to record one of his songs, The Pickpocket.

Reg continued throughout the 70’s working not only as a solo artist but also with bands.


Reg stopped performing whilst his children were growing up and after that contiued to assist his wife Rachel as her health declined.


Sadly she died in January 2006.


In October 2007 Reg met Cheryl. She gradually helped him heal and encouraged him to get back to his writing and performing.


As a result, in 2010, Reg completed the album There to Here.


Reg then took another break to assist Cheryl through a health issue.


Finally, with Cheryl's issue resolved, Reg is now planning to return to performing his songs.  


In 2019 Reg released his Legacy album


1st of May 2020 saw the release of the remastered There to Here album which included a previously unreleased track Nellie & Arthur.