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The whole idea of this album is to reflect on what has been passed down and what we will pass on. My only legacy is my song.

We Will Make the Kaiser Dance

I wrote this after coming across a WW1 postcard on the internet.

It tells first of the optimism of the lads and then the reflection of the last one left.

The song almost wrote itself and is another addition to my WW1 repertoire.


This song is a bit of fun about a young lad who falls in love with an older woman.

It's based on my own experience as a child.

"Back in the day" I used to love Watch with Mother on the TV.

Monday was always my favourite day as it was time for Picture Book.

The programme was hosted by actress Patricia Driscoll.

As a pre-school child I fell in love with her.

My mother would always call me whenever the programme started, with the words, "Your lady's on the telly!".

Hope you enjoy this jolly song.

Hundredth Birthday

For a long time I thought about what it would be like to get to be one hundred years old.

I concluded that it may not be the joyous occasion we all deem it to be.

With all of your friends gone and your close family you would have gone through much pain caused by these losses.

You would also be carrying the guilt of still being alive.

There would be no one left who knew you as a person, just seeing you as a connection to a past time and a living history book.

Life is like a fairground ride.

At first you are keen and enthusiastically enjoy it.

Next you start getting used to it but still find enjoyment.

Finally you have been on it too long and wish it to stop so you can get off.

I have tried to capture those feelings in this song.

Move Away

This particular song was written by my friend of over 50 years, Grahame Crouch in the early 70's when he and I were performing together as Forfeit.

It was always a song I loved and I am grateful that he has given me permission to record it.

It's the story of a young man looking towards his future.

Pip, Squeak & Wilfred

Pip, Squeak and Wilfred were the nicknames given to the three WWI campaign medals.

The nicknames come from a popular comic strip of the time in the Daily Mirror newspaper. Pip was a dog, Squeak a penguin and Wilfred was a baby rabbit.

This particular song I wrote to portray the thoughts of a veteran looking back on the war.

I imagined this song being performed in the Music Halls of the mid to late twenties and I hope I have captured this feel.

Sacrifice 2018

I thought I would reincarnate this song to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the ending of WW1

Gossamer Wings

The everyday story of a young man who goes into the woods and

stumbles across a bathing fairy.

Boy falls in love with said fairy and pledges his life to her.

Fairy implants his soul into a tree for eternity and flies off to find more victims.

A jolly tale of unrequited love.

Good Die Young

This is for me a very personal song.

Some very close people to me have passed away at very young ages way before their time.

I am sure many of you have experienced the same and like me ask, "Why the good die young?"

Dance of the Sea Nymphs

In Greek mythology Sea Nymphs were known as Nerids, female spirits of the sea.

The fifty daughters of Nereus and Doris, they symbolised everything that was beautiful and kind about the sea.

Their melodious voices sang as they danced around their father.

I have tried to capture that in this ethereal instrumental.

I'm Going to a Funeral

Well, I know what you are thinking,"What on earth is he doing putting a song like THIS on his album?

Actually it's a lighthearted song which I have written to be played at my final event.

It all came about after I had attended several funerals which never seemed to reflect the life of the person gone.

I know you are not supposed to feel overwhelming joy at these ocassions but sometimes the music is totally unrepresentative of the person.

I have made the decision that I want my funeral to be more representative of me and a celebration of my wonderful time here on this planet.

I want people afterwards to feel some upliftment as they proceed to my wake for tea (or something stronger) and sandwiches. Hopefully this song will do the job!

The Pickpocket

This song was composed by Peter Hall a brilliant songwriter I worked with in the 70's.

The song paints a great picture of a medieval fair and the opportunist rougue stealing from the crowd.

Peter and I met at school and have been friends now for over fifty years.

I am really grateful to Peter for allowing me to record this song as it has always been one of my favourites.

The Little Fox

I wrote a number of songs for my two children when they were small.

Every night I would sit on their beds with my guitar and we would sing together.

Paddington Bear

Another song that I wrote for my children. My daughter had a poster of Paddington Bear on her bedroom wall which inspired this song.

In the Evening

The final song on the album that I wrote for my children. A good one to sing as a last song before sleep.

Go to Sleep (My Little One)

I wrote songs for my two children for bedtime so it was a joy for me to do the same for my first two grandchildren.

Building the Temple

An instrumental piece painting a picture of the myriad of slaves, toiling to build King Solomon's Temple.

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